An addiction to Marijuana can happen if the drug is abused, and there is help out there for anyone suffering from a Pot addiction.

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All of the current information on the different stages of rehabilitation from marijuana and high tolerance cannibus abuse.

An Overview of Marijuana Abuse and Effects


Marijuana is one of the most widely used substances in the United States. A study on marijuana dependence and treatment showed that not only is it the most common illicit substance, but that many people have had a dependence on marijuana for more than 10 years. As marijuana addiction becomes more prevalent, more studies have […]

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What is This “Wax Marijuana” I’m Hearing About Today?

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The cannabis plant has both leaves and buds with the buds rendering a more potent type of product than traditional marijuana, which comes from leaves. In spite of this potency, wax marijuana is sitting on dispensary shelves in plain sight and waiting for the next consumer. It is not especially expensive in states where it […]

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