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If a Drug Didn’t Make You High, Would It Still Be Addictive?

Generally if a drug does not make you high, it is not considered addictive. Most drug users are addicted to the high or euphoria that taking a drug gives them. That is not to say that once a person is addicted to a drug that they will immediately stop taking the drug if it no longer givesPothead Stereotypethem the same high that it once did.

The high is what drug users seek, but it’s not what keeps them addicted. Even without the high to a particular drug, once someone is addicted they are usually still physically addicted to the drug. When a person becomes addicted to a drug, whether it is nicotine, crack, heroin, alcohol, or caffeine the there are pathways in the brain that start to change and expect that they will keep receiving that drug. It is one of the reasons that people go through withdrawal when they stop taking a drug.

The use of methadone in the treatment of addiction was one of the first ways that this was addressed. Methadone was designed to help stop people from receiving a pleasurable high when they take heroin and other opiates. Some people found this method of addiction treatment successful, but most people discovered that they simply traded one form of addiction for another.

Addiction and Getting High are Closely Linked

The feeling of being high and addiction are clearly closely linked, but it is unclear whether or not someone can still be addicted to a drug if it does not make them high. Whether it is the feeling of being high that the person is addicted to or it is the drug itself, it is clear that drug addiction is a serious problem that has devastating consequences. Addiction to drugs and alcohol can cause someone to lose their job, and can ruin their relationships with friends and family.

It is important that if you or a loved one have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you seek treatment for the addiction as soon as possible before it can do any more harm to your life or the life of the person who is addicted. If you are trying to beat your addiction or know someone who is addicted to drugs, the best choice is to enroll in a comprehensive inpatient treatment program, or rehab facility.

Benefits To An Inpatient Treatment Plan:

  •  Provides around the clock care
  •  Ability to focus on becoming healthy and overcoming addiction
  •  Don’t have to worry about day to day issues
  •  Safe supportive environment
  •  Latest techniques and treatments for addiction
  •  Support groups
  •  Healthy food
  •  Safe place to sleep
  •  Access to licensed doctors, RN’s, and treatment specialists

The many benefits of a good inpatient treatment facility make it an obvious choice when you or a loved one need to stop taking drugs or alcohol in order to have a more successful, more productive, healthier, and happier life. The right treatment plan can save a life.

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