An addiction to Marijuana can happen if the drug is abused, and there is help out there for anyone suffering from a Pot addiction.

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Medical Dangers of Marijuana

Cannabis Reduces Perception of ThreatThe medical dangers of marijuana are often misunderstood or neglected due to the misconception of the drug being a natural or safe herb. The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that over half of all high school seniors admit to trying marijuana at least once and approximately a fifth of those have admitted to using the drug in the past month. The use of marijuana remains a hazard to public health due to the increasing number of users and the adverse effects that are experienced with frequent use.

Marijuana users with a history of cardiovascular problems are at risk of suffering from heart conditions and other related conditions. Even those who have no pre-existing heart damage but have a family history of heart disease can significantly increase their risk of developing problems. Those who currently suffer from a heart condition may aggravate their condition even further. Also, the carcinogens found in marijuana have been shown to irritate the lungs and increase the risk of respiratory problems.

Mental impairment from the use of marijuana has been a controversial subject for many years. Some people believe that marijuana use has no negative effect on cognitive skills while others argue that the substances in marijuana can cause brain cells to die to leave the frequent user with the inability to make logical decisions. Research conducted on marijuana use of different frequencies demonstrates an adverse impact on memory and learning abilities days and even weeks after the drug wears off.

Past studies have discovered a link between chronic marijuana use and chemical imbalances in the brain. This may have an effect on conditions such as anxiety and depression. Paranoia is another symptom of a chemical imbalance and may also be linked to the development of certain types of mental conditions.

Addiction Help

Addiction is an ever growing problem in the world. Many people have addictions and need help for them. These addictions could be drug addictions, alcohol addictions, love addictions, or various other uncommonly mentioned addictions. No matter what addiction one has they all pretty much work the same way. The body and mind have somehow become so attached to this person or thing that ending involvement will cause extreme pain and discomfort. The addiction has become so much a part of the person’s life that living without it may seem like an eternal punishment or a slow death. Addictions can be rough to give up. That is why anyone suffering from an addiction needs addiction help!

Luckily there are many places that provide services for addiction. First, there is always some kind of toll-free number that can be called to speak to someone immediately. It could be to tell this person about the addiction, to cry, or just to ask for help. Someone will be there on the other end of the line to help. Numbers can be found on the internet or phone book.

Free group meeting and counseling sessions are also put together all around the world to help people with addictions. These meetings are held at churches, schools, and random standalone establishments. They provide a place for people to share their experiences and recovery strategies with one another people having the same problems.

Another source of addiction help is the rehabilitation centers. These are places that will actually take a person in and put them through a program that provides counseling, medication, training, and after care for the addiction. Some of the facilities provide free treatment and some of them do not. A little investigation needs to be done to figure out which building or organization is best.

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