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What is This “Wax Marijuana” I’m Hearing About Today?

Wax Marijuana

Teenager inactive because of wax marijuana.

The cannabis plant has both leaves and buds with the buds rendering a more potent type of product than traditional marijuana, which comes from leaves. In spite of this potency, wax marijuana is sitting on dispensary shelves in plain sight and waiting for the next consumer. It is not especially expensive in states where it is legal to use it.

DEA Lack of Knowledge

California and Colorado are making wax marijuana news for very different reasons. The California Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agents admit to having little knowledge as they attempt to rid the state of this new and potent form of marijuana. Meanwhile, Colorado residents are embracing the drug, which could keep a user high for days with a single dose. Some state laws make it difficult to enforce federal laws.

Its nickname of “pot” or “weed” relates to producers who generate the traditional form of marijuana from the leaves of the cannabis plant. However, there is nothing in the user marketplace quite as potent as the product made from the buds of this plant. While using the drug is risky, making it is an especially dangerous pursuit.

Marijuana Myths

Devout marijuana users are the very ones who perpetuate the myths about marijuana. Rules of logic should apply to various “truths” that circulate. Five myths are of particular note:

  • Marijuana brings a certain inner peace
    Truth: It may not cause aggression, but marijuana does not reduce it. Smoking this drug does not calm an aggressive person – and could cause anxiety or paranoia, which makes it possible that a user could become aggressive.
  • Marijuana reduces stress and anxiety
    Truth: It may relieve these factors initially, but it will not last. A rebound effect exists when effects wear away along with the fear of arrest for drug trafficking or possession. Users find it more difficult to cope with daily life.
  • Marijuana is much safer than tobacco or alcohol
    Truth: Tobacco and alcohol cause health difficulties, which can be life threatening. That does not make marijuana safe, especially newer forms of cannabis. It is unfiltered smoke and smoke inhalation of any kind is a risk for diseases of the respiratory organs. Younger users are higher risks.
  • Marijuana is not a drug because it is an herb
    Truth: It is among the poisonous and hallucinogenic plants on earth. Neither is it a religious experience and, in fact, demeans those who have found spiritual peace by fasting, praying and observing. God did not create this plant to raise awareness of inner spiritual highs.
  • Marijuana is an aphrodisiac
    Truth: It does reduce existing inhibitions, therefore aiding promiscuous activity. Marijuana does not aid in sexual arousal and may actually reduce it. Even so, this drug is not reliable birth control.

Description and Strength Realities

Wax marijuana receives its name from the product color, texture and consistency. It is a shade of yellowish-brown with an appearance similar to the beehive. Consistency is a cross between a solid rock and dripping maple syrup with a maximum potency of 90% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This chemical is responsible for the resulting “high” that recreational users are chasing.

When a user experiences THC through ingestion or inhalation, it affects cannabinoid receptors in the brain. A small dose of this compound is sufficient to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce aggression
  • Stimulate appetite
  • Reduce nausea

However, higher doses will affect the user by:

  • Altering perception of space or time
  • Giving the user feelings of happiness or overwhelming fatigue

In countries where cannabis use is not legal, laboratory growth of the chemical is preferable. Laboratories can create THC for use as a treatment for eating disorders, to subdue effects of chemotherapy and to thwart full-scale AIDS. Current research is focusing on relief of the tics that Tourette Syndrome causes.

Risky Recreational Use

Unfortunately, the other side of THC is not that rosy. Recreational users can create the most potent forms of this drug, which results in the higher concentrations of THC and possible after-effects including:

  • Lowering IQ by a maximum of 8 points
  • Brain damage
  • Onset of psychosis
  • Extension of “high” period

Recipes are easy to find on YouTube, but they do not explain the risks that THC poses. Even more terrifying is the age of some users. In the 1970s, college students made up the greatest segment of users. Today, 12-year-olds are using – middle school.

Producing This Drug

Generally, most producers of medical marijuana make the drug discreetly and legally. In Colorado, however, something about “legal” has also become a game. The 2013 annual 3-day contest took place in broad daylight under the midday Denver sunshine. Contestants were trying to win the X-Cup by making the most robust batch of wax marijuana.

The atmosphere is one of a trade show for budding entrepreneurs who want to break into this marketplace. Participants move to Colorado from all social and economic groups and every state. Every participant in this contest has one goal, which is to win and establish their place in this new, somewhat edgy business.

Dangerous Situation

Producing this drug is dangerous, but eager participants seem to find ways of making it safely. Because wax marijuana is a mixture of aerosol butane and the resin from both leaves and buds of female plants, most participants make the drug outdoors to avoid explosion and personal injury.

The DEA agents are allowing the state to oversee marijuana dispensaries, which seems to be a windfall of tax revenue for the state of Colorado. Concern comes from these agents and their fear that legalization will result in the spread of wax marijuana before they can control it. Only time will tell.

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